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Are you visiting France on vacation?
     Don't just learn how to say hello in French, let me teach everything from basic French lessons to an intensive French language course.
     I will teach you useful phrases and techniques that are unique to the French language. Don't miss out on the full experience out of a trip to France because you don't understand their language!
Let me help you in your trip preparation, 
You would like your children to speak French one day so why not start when they are young!
​     I teach French for children from the age of four. Children learn a foreign language the same way they learn their native language.

They need repetition and structure to learn easily and fast.


I Develop An Interest In The French Language And The Rest Will Follow


     At a young age, the key is to help your child develop an ear and an interest for the French language.  


     I gonna make it fun, we will have a good time!


"Your Academic Success is my Goal.
- Do you need a little extra help with your French verb conjugations?
- Your test scores are low even though you study?
- Could you use a little help with your French homework?
Then I want to be your Tutor..


    I teach one-on-one and groups effectively.French lessons & French tutoring including help with homework,

Wouldn't it feel great to be proud of your Work?





                            - 1 hour session via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime:  $45

                            - 1 hour session Face to face: $ 50 

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